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Enrolling in a class and earning a certification offers many advantages beyond the immediate acquisition of knowledge. Formal education allows individuals to grasp concepts thoroughly and build a strong foundation in a specific field. Certification serves as tangible proof of expertise, enhancing credibility and marketability in the professional realm. Earning a certification often involves practical applications in real-world scenarios. Certification programs frequently keep pace with industry trends, ensuring individuals stay current with the latest advancements in their chosen field. 

Advanced Manufacturing

Machine Tool Technology

Certifications students prepare for are from The National Institute for Metalworking Skills


Certifications Students Prepare for are from AWS or American Welding Society

  • SMAW

  • GMAW

  • FCAW

  • GTAW 

Arts, Design, IT & Media

Business Information Systems

BCCTC is a registered Certiport Testing Center, and students who work to their potential are offered industry-related certification tests, which can assist them with reaching their educational and personal goals and market their credentials while maximizing their employment opportunities. Students prepare to acquire the following certifications:

Certiport IC3

IC3 Overview :: IC3 Digital Literacy Certification :: Certiport (

  • Computing Fundamentals

  • Key Applications

  • Living Online

Microsoft Specialist/Associate

Microsoft Office Specialist :: Certiport (

  • Word

  • PowerPoint

  • Excel

  • Outlook


  • Cyber Safety Awareness

  • Employability Skills

International Computer Driver’s License (ICDL)

ICDL - ICDL Global

  • Computing Essentials

  • Online Essentials

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Cloud Computing

  • Database

  • Spreadsheet

  • Word

  • PowerPoint

  • Online Collaboration


NRF Foundation RiseUp Credentials

Customer Service & Sales | NRF Foundation

Business of Retail | NRF Foundation

  • Customer Service & Sales

  • Business of Retail Management

Commercial Art & Design

  • OSHA 10 General Industry

Graphic Arts & Printing

Construction & Building Trades


Electrical Occupations



Certifications Students Prepare for are from  HVAC Excellence and COSA – Carbon Monoxide Safety Association:

  • Air Conditioning A-02 

  • Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Analysis C-11

  • Carbon Monoxide Inspector C-12

  • Electric Heat E-06 

  • Heat Pump H-03 

  • Residential & Light Commercial Hydronic Heat K-20


Health Occupations

Juniors Prepare for the Following:

Seniors Prepare for the Patient Care Technician Certification:

Veterinary Assistant



Culinary Arts


Transportation & Distribution

Automotive Technology

Collision Repair Technology

Logistics & Materials Management

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