Business Information Systems

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Why Business Information Systems?

Program @ A Glance:

  • Business & Ethical Communications
  • Business Management & Administration
  • Computer Literacy ~ Internet Core Concepts
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Intro in Networking, Programming & Gaming


Supplemental coursework includes: Intro to Programming (using Scratch and Alice), Career Education (focusing on successful job interviewing), and Career Portfolio.

In Depth:

Technology is the fastest growing field right now, and there is no sign of it stopping any time soon! The Business Information Systems’ program combines studies in computer information systems with business/management courses, which serves as a bridge between technical and business communities. This bridge connects students to exciting careers that use technology.

This program provides industry-related curriculum that prepares students for post-secondary schooling and business and technological careers. This includes: Computer Literacy Basics, Internet Core Concepts, Information Technology, Microsoft Office with an emphasis on Excel and Access, Personal Finance, Introduction to Business, Business Communications and Ethics, and Cyber Security. 

Students who graduate from the program with exemplary grades and attendance may qualify for one of the program’s articulation agreements with local post-secondary schools, colleges, and universities. BIS graduates will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of computer operating systems, hardware and software interactions, firewalls, internal components and peripherals, storage devices, virus detection, and networking.
  • Identify document task requirements and make educated decisions about technologies and appropriate applications.
  • Understand concepts of Cyber Security, a fast-growing field of IT, and the importance of solid security measures that ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.
  • Be knowledgeable enough to take and pass Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exams.
  • Be knowledgeable enough to take and pass Internet Core Concepts (IC3) certification exams.
  • Identify intrinsic hardware components of the computer.
  • Understand that good communication skills are the foundation of any successful businessperson.
  • Understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to business and technology and practice legal and ethical behavior.
  • Work collaboratively for project development and presentations.
  • Create and graduate with a professional career portfolio.
  • Successfully prepare and interview for a job/career.

This program does not limit students to computer-only careers. It can open doors in any industry that uses technology and values employees who are skilled at using ever-evolving technology tools and software.

If you are interested in understanding how Information Technology can make businesses work better, the Business Information Systems program will help you to reach your career potential.

Testimonies of BIS Program from Alumni

Testimonies of BIS Program from Business Partners