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The Beaver County Career and Technology Center is an extension of 13 districts in Beaver County. 

The Beaver County Career and Technology Center's Joint Operating Committee is responsible for overseeing the operations of the career center. It is made up of school board representatives from each of the fourteen sending school districts.


A school's Joint Operating Committee (JOC) serves as a crucial collaborative body, bringing together representatives from various stakeholders to ensure effective governance and decision-making. Comprising members such as administrators, teachers, parents, and community leaders, the JOC plays a pivotal role in fostering a cooperative and inclusive environment within the school community. Its primary function involves deliberating on essential matters related to school policies, budgetary considerations, curriculum development, and overall educational planning.


The diverse perspectives the committee members bring contribute to well-rounded decision-making, benefiting the school's students and enhancing the overall educational experience. Through open communication and joint efforts, the Joint Operating Committee strives to create a supportive and thriving academic environment that meets the needs of both students and the broader community.

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Beaver County Career & Technology Center(BCCTC) in accordance with the Sunshine Act, gives notice of the following monthly schedule meetings of its Joint Operating Committee ("JOC") for the 2024-2025 school year. 


*January 25th

February 22nd

March 28th

April 25th

May 23rd

June 27th

July-No Meeting

August 22nd

September 26th

October 24th

November 19th

December-No Meeting

*denotes the Reorganization/regular meeting.

All meetings start at 6:00 PM unless otherwise listed in the Conference Room at BCCTC, 145 Poplar Avenue, Monaca, PA 15061

By order of the JOC, Weiss Burkhardt Kramer LLC-Solicitor

9574534 12/6/2023

Meeting Dates:

All meetings are available to the public in person or online. Please click the link below 5 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. All guests will be asked to identify themselves before being admitted. 

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 12.31.07 PM.png









The Beaver County CTC is an extension of the educational programs of the thirteen (13) Member Beaver County School Districts.


Beaver County Member School Districts

  1. Aliquippa

  2. Ambridge

  3. Beaver Area

  4. Big Beaver Falls

  5. Blackhawk

  6. Central Valley

  7. Freedom

  8. Hopewell

  9. New Brighton Area 

  10. Riverside 

  11. Rochester Area

  12. South Side 

  13. Western Beaver


Corresponding Liaisons to BCCTC

  1. George Bellinger 

  2. Bonnie DeAngelis

  3. Jacque Ambrose 

  4. Jodi Cobb

  5. Andy Yuhaniak

  6. Shannon Istik

  7. Hope Bennett

  8. Maria Vanyo

  9. Aimee Young

  10. Ben Huth

  11. Megan Mouas

  12. Joy Metzler

  13. Kelly Fortner


Attention to those students who attend charter, cyber, private and/or parochial schools:

These student’s parents need to contact the Superintendent’s office of your Member School District of residence to obtain specific enrollment information to BCCTC.

Home Schooled students must refer to the policies of the resident Member School District as to enrollment.


Additional Sending Schools

  1. Beaver County Christian School

  2. Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School

  3. New Horizon School

  4. OLSH – Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School

  5. PA Cyber Charter School

  6. St. Stephens Lutheran Academy

  7. Class Academy


Corresponding Liaisons to BCCTC

  1. Naomi Oosting

  2. Robin Ferrello

  3. Samantha Gimigliano

  4. Darcy Pihlblad

  5. Nicole Pressley

  6. Candy Dwire

  7. Megan Day

Participating School Districts

Our Schools

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