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Culinary Arts

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Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts is an instructional program that prepares students for employment related to institutional, commercial or self-owned food establishments or other food industry occupations.

Instruction and specialized learning experiences include theory, laboratory and work experience related to planning, selecting, preparing and serving of quantity food and food products; nutritive values; use and care of commercial equipment; safety; and sanitation precautions.

Instructional skills are provided to individuals desiring to become employed in all areas of the food service industry at entry level.

Students choosing to take the “ServSafe” Food Safety Certification class may receive college credit for attaining “ServSafe” certification and will qualify to apply for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture State Food Safety Certification.

In-Class Certification Reference:


Course Description

  • This is a 2-Year PDE Approved Program of Study – CIP Code 12.0508

  • Baking & Pastry Arts

  • Catering

  • Customer Service

  • Gourmet & Fine Dining

  • Menu Planning & Nutrition

Career Paths

Potential Professions:

  • Caterer

  • Chefs & Head Cooks

  • Dietitian and Nutritionist

  • First Line Supervisors of Food Preparation & Serving Workers

  • Food Scientists & Technologists

  • Food Service Manager

  • Meeting, Convention & Event Planners

  • Waiters & Waitresses

Postsecondary Options




Mr. Ben Piper
724-728-5800 x 222

Instructional Assistants
Evie Narry
Jon Kaszer
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