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Great to announce but we need your help, especially with our Construction related programs: Electrical Occupations and Masonry/Bricklaying. We are looking for companies to hire our students for entry-level work

If you or a company you know of within or the surrounding area of Beaver County is in need for Construction Laborers who can work full-time in the summer and part-time during a typical school year, please contact: Mr. Tom Geisler, Cooperative Education Coordinator by calling 724-728-5800, ext.239 or via email at tgeisler@bcctc.org.



Acceptance letters with program placements were mailed out. If you did not receive anything from BCCTC and believe that you should have, please call 724-728-5800 x215 at the CTC.


Click HERE to access the BCCTC Calendar for 2019 -2020 school year.

High school students residing in Beaver County make them eligible to apply to BCCTC. When applying, please keep in mind:  Questions about applying or to learn of your eligibility to apply to Beaver County CTC MUST be addressed by your high school Guidance personnel. Please click HERE for more information & the application.

Adult Learners are NOT required to be a Beaver County resident.  For more information, please click HERE. Email info@bcctc.org should you have questions. 

THANK YOU for your interest!

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Here is a brief overview of BCCTC, sponsored by The Beaver County Chamber of Commerce and hosted by Mr. David Wytiaz, BCCTC Administrative Director.

BCCTC programs are PA Department of Education approved Programs of Study that may qualify our students for articulated credits throughout the Commonwealth.