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Why Carpentry?

Program @ A Glance:

  • Blueprint Reading
  • Cabinetry & Finish Carpentry
  • Drywall, Roofing & Framing
  • Installation & Remodeling
  • Use of Hand & Power Tools


In Depth:

The Carpentry program prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to layout, fabricate, erect, install and repair structures and fixtures using hand and power tools. This program includes instruction in common systems of framing, construction materials, estimating, blueprint reading and finish carpentry techniques. In addition, students will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Describe various types of materials and methods available to the construction trade.
  • Describe business functions and principles.
  • Describe the complexity of the building construction industry.
  • Describe the complex interrelationships among numerous trades and professions within the industry.
  • Stay current with any new technology or codes related to the building/construction industries.

When the Carpentry course is completed, you will have the ability to write clear, concise, legible and accurate technical reports, communicate orally in the language of the construction industry to customers, co-workers and supervisors, perform basic manipulative skills of the trade, interpret plans, drawings, codes and specification, lines, symbols and abbreviations on working drawings or blueprints, and analyze specifications and contract drawings.