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Advanced Manufacturing

Machine Tool Technology

  • Sample Career Activity 1 – Mr. Metz briefly shows South Side 5th graders how the coordinate plane in math is used in the machining and pre-engineering projects. 6:20 min

  • Sample Career Activity 2 – Ever wonder in math class why we learn how to plot on a coordinate plane? Those who work in the Manufacturing Industry know but for those who do not, please allow Mr. George Metz, instructor of Machine Tool Technology, show you why… The ‘Spinner’ is a custom design of his own, along with the theory, to teach students how math can be used in a machining related career. Many thanks to CVSD and their Education Foundation for making this possible. :49 sec


  • What Happens in Welding? – A hot option for those who are interested… Students in BCCTC’s Welding program learn multiple welding practices that includes oxy fuel, plasma cutting manual & mechanized, stick, MIG, flux-core, and TIG processes in multiple positions for various joints. Fabrication and brazing processes are also covered.  In the classroom setting, students will learn blueprint reading, study welding theory, and metallurgy. This program is affiliated with the American Welding Society (AWS)  :54 sec

  • Virtual Presentation with Freedom MS Students – Kaleb Mayhue is a senior from the Freedom Area SD and an exceptional Welding student in Mr. Cosentino’s program. In addition, he is also a Cooperative Education student at a company called Jadco. They speak very highly of him there. Kaleb addressed the Middle School students via a virtual presentation from the Welding program. He explained what is entailed in the program and how it relates to the manufacturing industry. 27:48 min

CEO of American Welding Society shares the need for the welders and the opportunities available

Compliments of Skill Stadium:



The American Welding Society (AWS) was founded in 1919, as a nonprofit organization with a global mission: “Advancing the science, technology, and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes, including brazing, soldering and thermal spraying.”


That is our mission and it’s why we exist. Whether you’re here to explore membership, certification, advanced training, updated standards, conferences, professional collaborations or the many exciting career opportunities in welding today – we are here to support you. Count on AWS for the leading-edge industry knowledge, resources and tools you need to achieve even greater business and career success, as well as inspire new generations to see the exciting career opportunities available today.


American Welding Society Links:


Construction in the Field by PJ Dick Trumble Lindy Paving

Manufacturing Definitions

Manufacturing Project

PA Manufacturers Association & PA State Chamber on the Importance of CTC

The Challenge Program Presents...

2019 Construction & Manufacturing Career Fair

Arts, Design, IT & Media

Business Information Systems

  • Benefits of BIS – Tristan Fitzgerald, 2019 graduate from Blackhawk and national qualifier for FCCLA, talks about the benefits of this program and how it could lead to any business related profession in any industry. Now an alumni, Tristan is in the US Army working those certifications he earned as a high school student. 3:07 min

  • Hard Skills & Soft Skills – Ms. Deb Gray, owner of Express Employment Professionals in Monaca and Pittsburgh West in Robinson Twp., addressed the students from Health Occupations and Business Information Systems on the importance of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills and what that means to an employer. :2:43 min

  • Mobile App Design – Dr. Richard Lomotey is an IT Professor from Penn State Beaver and is teaching the Business Information Systems students how to create apps for mobile phones. :35 sec

  • Welcome to Business Information Systems – Dylan and Tristan provide some insight on their program and what they like most about being students in the program.  6:18 min

Commercial Art & Design

  • Student’s Perspective 1 – Lily from Hopewell speaks about what she is doing in the program and why she feels this program will help her in the future. 2:00 min

  • Student’s Work – Nick Knighton, former senior in Commercial Art & Design from Ambridge Area School District, creates a space themed work of art… Using techniques he learned in this program, he primarily uses paint spray cans to develop his scene. Students wanting to enroll in this program will learn conceptual design/layout & color techniques, engraving, etching, & silk-screening, drawing, painting, & cartooning, airbrushing, illustration, & typography, computer/digital imaging and photography. :42 sec

Graphic Arts & Printing

  • What Happens in Graphics? – Hear about what students are exposed to while a student of the program. 2:42 min

  • Sample Career Activity 1 – South Side 5th graders get a quick computer lesson on Photoshop with our instructor, Ms. DeMark. 3:08 min

  • Photography & Composition – Photograph and composition was one of Ms. DeMark’s virtual lessons in this program. She put together a video of some of the student’s work for us to view. 1:16 min

A Message from Deb Gray, Owner of Express Employment Professionals

Learn to Draw #01

The Challenge Program Presents...

Construction & Building Trades


  • Designed & Built School Store – Carpentry students assisted in the design & construction of handicap accessible school store for New Horizon School. Originally, they built the store in their program, Electrical Occupations students put in the wiring and outlets, and Carpentry students disassembled the structure at BCCTC and reassembled it at New Horizon.

  • Lil Courgar’s Shed –  A recipient of Lowe’s Heroes program, Mr. Liptak, a vested member of the Blackhawk community, build a storage shed with nine of his Blackhawk students on Wright Field. 5:19 min

  • New Kennel for Humane Society – Carpentry’s hammers are always hammering, if not on campus then off.  See the construction of a new kennel for the Beaver County Humane Society. :29 sec

  • Training Center – Congratulations to the Carpentry program, under the direct supervision of Mr. Dave Liptak, for being a recipient of Lowe’s Heroes! Mr. Liptak received $2,500 worth of supplies for his program and his plans for those supplies? He, his students, and the helpful hands of Monaca Lowe’s professionals, built an outside ‘training facility and storage unit’ in the form of a large shed. According to, the Lowe’s Heroes program ‘encourages employees in a location to team together, adopt a volunteer project with a local nonprofit organization or K-12 public school and make a difference.’ And Lowe’s is really making a difference for Mr. Liptak. He said, “My program enrollment has grown so much that my classroom seems to have gotten smaller. This new training facility will allow the students to learn how to install drywall and windows as they would in a new home being built.” John Kaszer, Project Service Specialist from the Lowe’s Home Improvement in Monaca, serves on the Carpentry Occupational Advisory Committee and recommended the program to Lowe’s as a potential recipient. Kaszer states, “It’s nice for us to give back in the form of volunteer hours, especially for this program. These students are our future.” Mr. Liptak and the Carpentry students are extremely grateful for the donation of supplies and to Lowe’s Home Improvement. :56 sec

Electrical Occupations

  • Career Paths in the Electrical Industry – Listen to Jacob Graleski, 2019 Graduate from Beaver Area HS, briefly explain the career paths that may stem from ‘majoring’ in an electrically related path. Now an alumni, Jacob accepted an apprenticeship with Impact Guard as an Industrial Electrician while they are sending him to CCAC to major in Mechatronics. 1:59 min

  • Sample Career Activity 1 – Big Beaver Falls SD 4th graders toured our facility. in this example, they learned a little about motor controls which a part of  industrial electricity. :41 sec


  • Plotting to Product – A 5th grade math problem goes from paper, to computer, to material with the help of Machine Tool Technology, HVAC-R,  and Welding. 29:18 min

  • Veto Pro Pac – Veto Pro Pac, a tooling bag company, donated a variety of their bags to the HVAC-R program so that they could help our future professionals be prepared to go to work when that time came. Our instructor, Mr. Ostronic, hosted a random ‘luck of the draw’ day to award the students their new tool bag. Awesome! 11:43 min

  • What Happens in HVAC-R? – Knowing how to control the temperature to be comfortable is one thing. It’s quite another to know how to fix a furnace or an A/C issue. However, installing, diagnosing, troubleshooting, servicing and repairing is not an issue in BCCTC’s HVAC-R program… The HVAC-R industry is heating up and this is one cool occupation to learn. :57 sec


  • Build a Bridge -Build a bridge and walk over it in our Masonry/Bricklaying program! These students worked hard during the 2016-2017 school year to construct this beautiful bridge inside their classroom walls. Exceptional work! In Masonry/Bricklaying, students learn to construct block and brick walls, lay ceramic tile, pour concrete, install natural or cultured stone, and create ornamental masonry projects.   :48 sec

  • Senior Projects – Watching this is watching geometry and mathematical equations at work! :20 sec

ABC Keystone & PA State Chamber on the Importance of CTC

PA State Chamber, Workforce Development Executive, Allen Norton, speaks with ABC Keystone‘s, Stephanie Larkin, about the needs of PA’s workforce and why a career and technical education is a viable option for students.

Carpentry Alumni/Lindy Paving Employee

Construction in the Field by PJ Dick Trumble Lindy Paving

Health & Safety in the Construction Industry

The Challenge Program Presents...

The Roadmap to Becoming an Elevator Technician

Union Apprenticeships

We Are Generation T: Demi Clark Knight from 'She Built this City' Teaches 'Virtual Shop Class' Sponsored by Lowe's

2019 Construction & Manufacturing Career Day

2019 Lindy Paving Day


Health Occupations

  • Advantages of being in Health Occupations – Listen to Ms. Theresa Cairns, MSN MsED RN, instructor of Health Occupations and graduate from the Health Assistant program from Parkway West CTC. A career and tech ed student at heart, she not only speaks about the advantages of being a Health Occupations student, but she breaks it down to explain all that is required for her juniors and seniors. Her program has 100% placement and it is evident due the support of her employers. 1:53 min

  • Apply Learned Skills -Hear from Blackhawk, Lincoln Park, and New Brighton students about the skills learned in the program, how they apply these skills at clinical sites, and see a sample medical math problem. A challenge to those who watch this video to see who’s paying attention… do you notice any mistakes?! They thought it would be fun to see if you could catch it! 4:47 min

  • Clinicals – Watch students during clinicals at Masonic Village in Sewickley. Can you see yourself doing this? :58 sec

  • Blood Pressure Reading – Learn how to take a blood pressure reading with Mya Pride, 2019 graduate from Ambridge and Colton Hall, student from New Brighton. 5:30 min

  • Why Health Occupations & ‘Clinicals’ – Listen to 2019 graduates: Leaira Harris from New Brighton and Brooke Makray from Freedom. Both graduates are currently working as CNA’s and attending CCBC’s RN program. 6:04 min

Veterinary Assistant

  • 2016 Westminster Agility Champion – Celebrity at the CTC! David & Wendy Cerilli are introducing ‘Holster’ to our Veterinary Assistant students. He’s the 2016 Westminster Agility champion! 3:57 sec

  • CPR for Animals – University Veterinary Specialists, Steph Cramer and Shelly Frye were in Veterinary Assistant this day teaching our students how to conduct CPR on dogs this morning. Much needed skills for those who want to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. :50 sec

  • Observation of Operations – First year Veterinary Assistant students witnessed three different operational procedures at Animal Friends and Howard Ash Animal Wellness Center in Pittsburgh. Conducting field trips like these help our students to determine what path in the animal industry they want to pursue! :31 sec

  • Radiography – Dr. James Schultz, Veterinarian of Five Points Veterinary Clinic located in Hopewell, addressed both the AM and PM Veterinary Assistant students on proper ways to take and read an x-ray. If you continue watching, you’ll see a digital picture of an animal with a very white area located in the chest cavity. Can you tell what it is? :59 sec

  • What Happens in Veterinary Assistant? – Veterinary Assistant is a program in which students will learn to care for and safely restrain animals, bath and groom them, take their vitals, and conduct lab work. Most of the animals the students work with are from the Beaver County Humane Society two days a week, however, Bear, literally the teacher’s pet, is very much apart of the class. Other species to visit the program include farm animals and exotics that have also been cared for by the students. Those would include cats, lambs, goats, a cow, a calf, horses, ducks, chickens, ferrets, rabbits, snakes, and lizards. :49 sec

Bear Makes All Kinds of New Friends

Clinical Partnership with Masonic Village

HOSA Showcase Night

The Challenge Program Presents...



  • Anatomy in Cosmetology? YES! – Blackhawk students, Abigail & Maddie, demonstrate why they learn about the anatomy during the first year by showing how to do an arm and hand massage. 2:06 min

  • Clinic – Interested in working in the Cosmetology industry? If so, this PA State approved program will help you build upon the time and skills needed to sit for the State Board Licensure Exam. Students learn hair cutting & styling, skin facials & product, nail care & nail art, and cosmetology sciences & theory. Clients from the public are welcomed and received on most Wednesdays & Thursdays during the school year beginning at either 8 am or 2 pm. All services are completed by BCCTC students. Please call 724-728-5800, x317 to learn of availability or if you have any questions regarding the services provided.  :59 sec

  • Student’s Perspective 2 – Mya from Hopewell speaks about this program after Mrs. Mason addresses a question to a group of Hopewell 6th graders. 3:56 min

Culinary Arts

  • Easy Baked Fish Dinner – Here is an idea should you have any guests over in the next couple of weeks… If you have questions about any of the steps, please message us and we will send your inquiry to Culinary Arts. For students who are interested in enrolling in this program, look forward to learning more about gourmet & fine dining, customer service, menu planning & nutrition, catering, baking and pastry arts. :48 sec

  • Sample Career Activity 1 – ‘Chef Allison’ from Blackhawk School District, facilitated a tour and demonstration to 5th graders in Culinary Arts. With the help of his Culinary Arts classmates, he had the students make a high protein and very healthy snack with sprinkles. 2:17 min

  • Student Presentation– Marah is a Hopewell student who explains what occurs in the Culinary Arts program. 3:39 min


  • Advertising & Sales – During the holidays, this program will sell Poinsettia plants that the students grow and care for in the program’s greenhouse to BCCTC and the public on a first-come, first-serve basis. See a few of the students and instructor put together an in-house display to sell their product. :47 sec

  • Environmental Controls & Grass Cutting – 6th graders from Hopewell School District ask Mr. Lehocky questions via Skype. 1:46 sec

  • Spacing & Symmetry – A quick lesson on spacing and symmetry using greenery and florals. :06 sec

  • Sample Career Activity 1 – South Side 5th graders learn how to properly plant a seed and how to plant a ‘cutting’ taught by Mr. Lehocky. 2:56 min

Community Service with Master Gardner's

Skills@Work – Familiar with the main intersection by Beaver Valley Mall? If you are, year after year during the summer months, there are beautiful plants and flowers in bloom. Greenhouse/Landscaping students, lead by Mr. Bryan Lehocky with assistance by Mrs. Besty Evanchak, helped in that massive effort to help beautify our community. :57 sec

Transportation & Distribution

Automotive Technology

What Happens in Automotive Technology? – It is one thing to take an engine apart and put it back together, but in today’s cars and trucks, there is so much more to learn because of the computer systems and updated electronics. :49 seC

Collision Repair Technology

What Happens in Collision Repair Technology? – Have a thing for cars? Students conduct damage analysis, repair & replace parts, work with a plasma cutter, MIG & spot weld, paint in a spray booth, learn the ins and outs of detailing, and also do various metalworking and other fabrication. Can’t get any more hands-on with your education in the automotive industry to work on your own ‘rolling resume’.  :55 sec

Logistics & Materials Management

Automotive Instructor at Lincoln Tech shares how he prepares students for a successful career

Compliments of Skill Stadium


Ken Young a Master certified technician and instructor at Lincoln Tech, has worked in the automotive industry for 40 years. He shares how he encourages students to use technology to quickly acquire the information they need to get their work completed. Mr. Young seeks feedback from his students on how they learn best and makes changes to better serve them.

Ken is active on YouTube and has his own channel. 

Lincoln Tech Links:

Collision Repair Demonstration from Rosedale Technical College

The Challenge Program Presents...

The Roadmap to becoming an Auto Technician

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