Year-End Activities in BIS

By Renee DiGiacomo

For the past month, the Business Information Systems’ students prepared for their end-of-the-year Mock Interviews, which were conducted on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.  To be prepared, they had to create a resume, cover letter directed from the want ad, and reference sheet.  Because of the benefits of the CTC’s program, these students’ resumes were filled with skills, certifications, and awards. 

Deb Gray, Owner of Express Employment Professionals in Monaca and Robinson Twp., and Jessica Main, Director of Business Administration for Questeq conducted the interviews.  After the interview, the students met with their interviewers one at a time to get constructive feedback on how to ace their next interview.  “It’s so rewarding to see the student’s preparation for the mock interviews.  It is equally rewarding to see the progress of students we met with last year,” says Ms. Gray #puttinamillionpeopletowork #ExpressPittWest.

As stated by Jessica Main, “One of the highlights of my year is working with Ms. DiGiacomo’s class at BCCTC on their mock interview project.  I always walk away impressed with their hard work and preparation to give Ms. Gray and I a quality interview.  There are many pieces to a successful interview but the one that always stands out for me is to always be prepared from beginning to the end of the interview process. Preparation is key!”

Another year down in the books!

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