Virtual Mock Interviews. Thank you, Questeq!

Caleb Terrick, BIS student from Ambridge, is seen here answering one of Jessica Main's questions during the program's virtual mock interview process.
Lots of online meetings going on these days during quarantine and for a career & technology center where it’s typically a physical,  hands-on education, has not stopped the CTC and it’s programs from forging on and getting business done.

Let’s talk about Business Information Systems, instructed by Renee DiGiacomo.  Each year, Ms. DiGiacomo’s students are required to undergo ‘mock interviews’ for a grade BUT graded by an outside industry professional. During the past 10 year, this has been done in her classroom however, this year, mock interviews were conducted a little differently.

Introducing Questeq‘s Director of Business Administration, Jessica Main. Ms. Main is one of Ms. DiGiacomo’s Occupational Advisory Committee members and is no stranger on how these mock interviews are ran as she has been conducting these interviews for the majority of those years.  Questeq is a technology company that provides ‘right-size technology teams, highly reliable technology infrastructure and improve data management‘ for educational sites.

Ms. Main stated, “What a great day with amazing students who were well prepared for the interviews. Very impressive seniors.”  It would also be good to note that previous to these scheduled mock interviews, one of Ms. DiGiacomo’s seniors from Beaver Area School District, John Hall, was offered the opportunity to work a paid summer internship with Questeq in their Information Technology Department.  This is a first for the company to make an offer to one of the BIS students but the second paid summer internship offered! Another student from the program from Freedom Area School District, Kenny Grant, was given the opportunity to work in the IT Department at PJ Dick Trumbull Lindy Paving.

Many thanks go out to Jessica and Questeq for always providing interactive experiences, like mock interviews, to the Business Information Systems students.  We are so honored to have a learning affiliation with this local and wonderful family-owned business!

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