Veterinary Assistant Offers the Foundation for Careers in the Animal Industry including a Humane Police Officer

2016 Veterinary Assistant graduate, Samantha Scobie from Freedom Area School District, had aspirations of becoming a Veterinary Technician when in high school. However, after spending some significant time at the Beaver County Humane Society, her career plans changed.

Veterinary Assistant is a program that offers the foundation for careers in the animal industry that may include being a Veterinary Assistant, which is similar to being a Medical Assistant to a human, and with further education, a Veterinary Technician, Veterinarian, or a Trainer, just to name a few. Let’s add Humane Police Officer to the list! When in high school, Samantha Scobie started working in the kennels of the Beaver County Humane Society. Fast forward to today, she is now a Humane Police Officer for the facility and could not be happier!

BCCTC’s Veterinary Assistant program partners with Beaver County Humane Society in multiple ways and most of the time, students from the program will volunteer their personal hours beyond activities the program schedules, like Samantha did. She actually started volunteering there the summer before her senior year. She elected to volunteer there because of her interest in animals and due to the partnership BCSH had with the program. Samantha said, “It only made sense to me to do my senior project hours there since I was already involved, and I mean, who doesn’t like being around animals?!”

Now partnered with another Humane Officer, Samantha will investigate dog fighting, assist with animal control, enforce the rabies vaccine, write up citations and collect animals if in a negligent living situation, can enforce animal laws, identify respiratory and animal sicknesses, follow up on calls made by either the public or another professional from an animal clinic and may assist the Dog Warden, if requested to do so.

Prior to the holiday break, Samantha and her partner, Tristian Wenzig, spoke to the current Veterinary Assistant students in both sessions. She said, “Pending situations will depend if a warrant is needed for the owners, but usually an animal or animals can just be taken from the residence without one if needed.” Her partner Tristian complimented Samantha’s abilities to recognize certain diseases and potential medical issues with the animals they investigate and help. Her response to his compliment was, “It was because of this program (Veterinary Assistant) that I am able to identify certain issues with the animals we come across. I can tell if the situation is a neglectful one or not very easily.”

She also shared her favorite quote with us from Albert Einstein in which she admits that never leaves her head… ‘The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.’

We are incredibly proud of Samantha and her career achievements in her field! “Samantha, THANK YOU for MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

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