Using ‘Downtime’ Creatively

Electrical Occupations student, Nick Steffine from Beaver County Christian School (Official), is beginning his second year in the program. At the beginning of his first year, he discovered he was pretty good at coiling and placing wire but wanted to refine his skills.

2nd Year Electrical Occupations student from BCCS, Nick Steffine, with Mrs. Evanshak from BCCTC

Using scrap wires from a wire bin during downtime, i.e., after tests, waiting for students to arrive, or just before departure, Nick came up with the idea of making his sending school counselor a wired plaque with the letters, B C C S. Once that project was complete, Nick made name plaques, starting with his instructor, Mr. Mitsch and other BCCTC staff with the scrap wire. Those wired works of art brought a lot of smiles to the faces to those he gave them too! They also happen to be hanging in all of their offices…

“I think it’s fun,” Nick said. “It helps me to concentrate more and focus.”

Mr. Mitcsh, Electrical Occupations Instructor

Mr. Mitsch commented by saying, “In the electrical industry, it’s important to have really good eye-hand coordination. In Nick’s case, these projects have perfected his ability to bend and manipulate wires neatly and professionally with our electrical projects.”

Nick, on behalf of the BCCTC staff, THANK YOU for sharing (and giving) your industry talent to us in a very creative, yet ‘wired’ way!

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