‘Teacher Feature’ in Veterinary Assistant

Mrs. Stephanie Vuckovich, Veterinary Assistant Instructor

Throughout this first nine weeks of school for the 2020-21 academic year, Beaver County Career & Technology students have been attending their elected programs online, regardless if they are a new or returning student. Students, parents, and other educators have all asked, “How are you going to teach career and technical education virtually?” Thankfully, here at BCCTC, our teachers, professionals from their own respective industries, are creative and have come up with some incredible ways for their students to be engaged with this new learning platform.     

Our next featured teacher from BCCTC is Mrs. Stephanie Vuckovich, Veterinary Assistant Instructor. Mrs. Vuckovich is really looking forward to her students returning to the program!  She said her students express the same feeling when they have their online discussions. “I feel for the students,” she says. “Having virtual classes is not the most optimal mode of instruction but it’s important to keep the content interesting while we are waiting for normalcy to set back in our routines. I have to say that considering our current circumstance, I am so proud of my students and how well they are doing!” 

So what are the Veterinary Assistant students doing? The returning students are working on the Approved Veterinary Assistant Designation Certification, which would give them the credential that is recognized in this industry throughout the United States.  In addition, these students are also studying animal nutrition and pharmacology.   

New students to the program are learning about the various canine breeds and a variety of different genetic diseases in purebred dogs. Interested in learning more about the canine species? Go to: American Kennel Club.

Usually it is at this time of the year when our fury friends from Beaver County Humane Society come to the program two days out of the week for the Veterinary Assistant students to take vitals, conduct urine and stool testing, and check their ears for infections. Mrs. Vuckovich wants to ensure her students and the community that this practice will continue once the school reopens.  

Veterinary Assistant students, YOU ARE MISSED by Mrs. Vuckovich, Bear, the BCCTC Staff, and the animals from BCHS misses your care and community service as well! Looking forward to seeing you all again! 

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