‘Teacher Feature’ in Culinary Arts

Mrs. Camille Stevenson, Culinary Arts Instructor and Student Organization Advisor for both ProStart and FCCLA

Throughout the first nine weeks of school for the 2020-21 academic year, Beaver County Career & Technology students will be attending their elected programs online, regardless if they are a new or returning student. Students, parents, and other educators have all asked, “How are you going to teach career and technical education virtually?” Thankfully, here at BCCTC, our teachers, professionals from their own respective industries, are creative and have come up with some incredible ways for their students to get engaged with this new learning platform.   

Our first featured teacher from BCCTC is Mrs. Camille Stevenson, Culinary Arts Instructor as well as the Advisor for both ProStart and FCCLA student organizations.  When meeting with Mrs. Stevenson, not only did her lesson plans for her students sound exciting but she was just as excited to share!  She said, “In the past, my students expressed their concerns and have asked about the cruelty to animals when being raised specifically for the food industry. I wanted them to not just learn about the methods of how some animals are raised for the industry but know where our food comes from and/or where it is grown.” 

How is this for the beginning of the school year in Culinary Arts – SEVEN field trips, online, of course!  The students will be virtually experiencing and seeing: 

“I just want my students to realize that just because they come to my program, doesn’t mean that their only hope for a culinary related job is in a kitchen or a restaurant. SO NOT TRUE! My program offers MANY diverse career related pathways in this industry. Just ask my graduates!”, Mrs. Stevenson said. 

After the students attend their online field trips, it will be down to business in which safety, sanitation, and equipment identification will be covered.  Sophomores and Juniors will then move onto baking and the Seniors will begin on sauces. 

Culinary Arts students, hope you enjoy those field trips and the beginnings of your career in the Culinary Arts Industry, whatever path you choose! 

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