Sukup Steel Structures, LLC. Speak to Welding Students

In an effort to fill some vacant positions with their company, Rick Simpson, Plant Manager and Bill Fair, Quality Assurance Manager from Sukup Steel Structures, LLC, located in Ambridge, visited both the AM and PM classes to present to our students what opportunities may be available to them.

With them came 2018 Welding alumni, Dan Gentile from Hopewell.  Dan expressed to his former classmates how blueprint reading, understanding MIG settings, understanding electrode identification, basic principals of electricity, and even knowing how read a tape measure helped him with his job now.  Mr. Carl Cosentino, Welding instructor at BCCTC, directly asked Dan if the Welding program was a help to him and Dan’s reply?  “Without a doubt.”

“Mr. C” also asked Sukup Steel’s representatives what they were looking for in an employee.  They replied with the following attributes that included: punctuality when scheduled, to show up every day, to have the right mind-set, be safety minded and aware of the surroundings, and to be prepared to weld in various positions.  They also mentioned that anyone interested in a position with their company would be required to have a drug test, background check, and undergo a math test. 

Rick Simpson said, “We hope that we were able to bring some insight of the welding and manufacturing opportunities to the students. We would be excited to possibly fill some of our positions in the factory with BCCTC’s Welding graduates.”  One of those possibilities was extended to graduating Welding senior, Camden Stranko from Ambridge, who will begin his new job as soon as he turns 18 years of age.

Mr. C comments, “My program offers training to students to be competent in entry-level positions within the Welding & Manufacturing Industries. I am really proud to say that we have 100% placement into the workforce as all 17 of my seniors were able to secure positions before their graduation date.”

BCCTC is very fortunate to have companies like Sukup Steel Structures, LLC as a partnered employer.  The Welding and Manufacturing industries are very much alive in our local communities with excellent opportunities for our graduates to consider.  Thank you, Sukup Steel!

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