Students get Up Close & Personal with Lindy Paving

Those that drive may see paving companies like Lindy Paving, paving a road or highway when traveling to work, going on vacation, or just making a quick trip to the store.  But does anyone think what happens prior to a road project being planned and executed?
Students from Automotive Technology, Carpentry, Collision Repair Technology, Electrical Occupations, Masonry/Bricklaying, and Welding were in attendance along with Career Counselor, Ms. Anne Liller and Cooperative Education Coordinator, Mr. Tom Geisler on a field trip to see some of the behind-the-scenes work that is done at a Lindy Paving site and learned how technology plays a vital role in this part of the Construction Industry.
As BCCTC students were getting off of the bus on the grounds of Lindy Paving’s Main Office, which also happens to be the site of one their asphalt processing plants in New Galilee, the students and attending staff were suited up for safety. 
They immediately attended a drone demonstration in which some of the students were permitted to control the drone that is used to inventory their raw materials in the yard. They also toured a testing lab where employees of Lindy Paving tested construction materials made at the plant for quality purposes.
In addition, they toured the processing plant.  They witnessed the production steps taken when rock, sand, asphalt and recycled asphalt is mixed and how it is produced in a variety of materials needed for a given paving project.  The final mixture of material was dispensed into yard trucks in which the loads received were for commercial and other local municipalities paving projects.
“Lindy Paving went above and beyond our expectations to provide our students with career pathways in the construction industry,” said Liller.  ” It’s fascinating for the students and myself to see the technological advances in this industry and how technology is used in this company.”
Tom Geisler stated, “I cannot thank The Challenge Program and PJ Dick, Trumbull, Lindy Paving enough for giving the students the opportunity to see this type of construction process first-hand.”

MANY THANKS to The Challenge Program and to all Lindy employees, especially, Ms. Jennifer Howe, Corporate EEO & HR Officer, and Mr. Steve Clark, Business Development Specialist, for their time and hospitality! There is more of an appreciation now thinking about that roads that we drive on daily and the technology that is used to create them.

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