Students from Business Information Systems Benefits from Bender Leadership Academy

By Renee DiGiacomo

As part of this year’s curriculum, the Business Information Systems program piloted with the Bender Leadership Academy.  The academy provided lesson facilitation, modules, and certifications in International Computer Driver’s License (ICDL) and Customer Service and Sales.  These two areas are a substantial part of the state task list for the program and are essential business skills employers seek in applicants .  Through Bender, students were able to achieve ICDL certifications in Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Word 2016, and IT Security.  They were also able to learn customer service skills through an interactive and collaborative program and the opportunity to pass and achieve a customer service and sales certification.

Out of 27 students:  96% have achieved at least one ICDL certification, 85% have two or more ICDL certifications, 48% have all four ICDL certifications.  The Customer Service and Sales certification testing was very successful with 78% of the BIS students passing! 

Renee DiGiacomo and the students in Business Information Systems would like to thank Bonnie Rubin, Dr. Dove, Diane Guadio, Lisa Miklos, and the rest of the Bender Leadership professionals for their efforts in giving her students an edge going into post-secondary schooling and the workforce.   Are you qualified to enter today’s job market?  Join the Business Information Systems program to get an edge up on the competition.

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