Sprint Racing Work for Graphic Students

Ms. Kuriger, one of our Learning Facilitators, comes from a family of racers.  Did you know that?  To assist her father-brother racing team with some additional touches to their most recent Sprint car build, she recruited the help of Ms. Nicole DeMark and her students from our Graphics Arts & Printing program to make the decals for the racer.  Ms. Kuriger’s father is the technician, her brother is the driver, but they both act as the pit crew, racer set up, and do the bodywork and customization.
The following students volunteered to help assist with the design, printing, and application for the Kuriger Motorsports Race Team:
  • Aliyah Vankirk-New Brighton
  • Devon Childers-Blackhawk
  • Ethan Gedeon-Riverside
  • Ian Bradshaw-Beaver Falls
  • Thomas Revels-Beaver Falls
  • Trevor Johnston-Freedom
According to Ms. DeMark, each student played a slightly different role in the project from designing logos to the production of the vinyl. “Although the project was interrupted, the students will assist with the design and application of a second sprint car either this spring or fall. This project gave students the chance to be creative while gaining a better understanding for jobs with unique job specifications,” stated Ms. DeMark.
So should any of you see 08 racing at Lernerville Speedway, Mercer Raceway Park, Sharon Speedway or occasionally Pennsylvania Motor Speedway, you will also be seeing the art work of our Graphic Arts & Printing students. How awesome is that?!

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  1. What a beautiful job. The students should be commended.
    Having seen many sprint car graphics, this scheme is above reproach.

    Keep up the good work.


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