Learning Center

~ Dr. Seuss ~

Why fit in when you were born to STAND OUT?”

Celebrities are no different than you and I. We all have different abilities and recognize that we have strengths and weaknesses. Here are some celebrities who have overcome their own challenges to reach their personal career goals. Find your strengths and achieve YOUR career goals at BCCTC!

The primary purpose of the learning center is to provide assistance to all students. Many students, for a variety of reasons are struggling with education. The learning center staff is available to offer assistance, modifications, and/or adaptations as outlined in individual learning plans.

Industry standards, craft committees, and Pennsylvania State Standards drive vocational programs. Each CTC student is expected to develop strong work ethic skills and improve reading, writing, and math skills in relationship to their career path. Students are encouraged to succeed in their paths by practicing self-advocacy skills and requesting and accepting assistance from all available resources.

The goal of the learning center is to promote achievement for all of our students. The Learning Facilitator and staff will foster self-confidence, self-discipline, and accountability for choices. We look forward to creating a partnership with parents, family, and the community to assist the student to reach his or her potential.

The Beaver County CTC welcomes students with disabilities. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) makes it clear that all schools have the duty to educate children in the least restrictive environment. The Beaver County CTC is committed to providing vocational education to students in the general education setting.