Applying to BCCTC

BCCTC Online Applications for 2023-2024 Academic Year


  • Please use Chrome when applying online.
  • If you are a school district and the page that opens up is blank, please refresh your page.
  • Additional information about applying to BCCTC is below.

...Additional Information to Know...

You are a high school student entering your sophomore, junior, or senior year and you want to enroll at Beaver County CTC? That’s AWESOME! You just made THE BEST DECISION TO AID IN THE SUCCESS FOR YOUR FUTURE! You may end up saving a lot of money by not having to take out as much in student loans…  PLUS, you may save yourself valuable time by not having to go to college as long…  You are permitting yourself to get a head start in your chosen profession before you graduate. Wait until you see what you can accomplish…  You should be proud of yourself! We are looking forward to having YOU as a student!

When applying, please keep in mind

Questions about applying or to learn of your eligibility to apply to Beaver County CTC MUST be addressed by your high school counselor(s) or liaison(s).

  1. Due to quotas for each of our programs, your liaison will notify you when the application is available for your district.
  2. There is no application fee to apply to BCCTC.
  3. The application WILL be sent to your district school counselor or the district’s liaison and it is your district that will forward your information to BCCTC for it to be processed.
  4. Please consider selecting more than one Program of Study (POS) as some programs may have a waiting list.
  5. If you cannot decide between a couple of programs, speak with your district school counselor to set up a visit.
  6. Once the application is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the applying student, the parent/guardian, and the district liaison.
  7. The following program is a recommended (3) year program: Cosmetology

Once you are officially enrolled as a BCCTC student?

  1. You will attend BCCTC Monday through Friday for half of your school day, either in the morning or during the afternoon.  
  2. Transportation will be provided to you by your school district.
  3. If you have your Driver’s License, you may request a Driver’s Pass to drive to BCCTC.
  4. You will make friends from other Beaver County schools, whether it is another public, private, charter, cyber, or even a rival school – it happens every year 🙂