R.I. Lampus Donates to Masonry/Bricklaying

John T. Bliss & Jeff Hertweck, proudly display an R.I. Lampus banner and arrange for donated construction materials to our Masonry/Bricklaying program

Industry partner to not only our Masonry/Bricklaying program but also to our Greenhouse/Landscaping program, R.I. Lampus donated additional materials, once again, to our CTC…

According to both John T. Bliss, Sales of Brick & Stone Veneer Products and Jeff Hertweck, Concrete Products Division, they want to see our students succeed in their chosen field of study and in order for that to happen, they felt they needed the best in supplies. 

Learning this trade affords you the opportunity to run your own business,” said Bliss. Hertweck adds, “Masonry contractors know to contact us for good materials whether it is block, brick, mortar, or just to find information on materials. We want to be that contact for the BCCTC students because one day, they may be contractors. This partnership with Masonry/Bricklaying and Greenhouse/Landscaping is a win-win.”

Last year, during the initial lock down, this company was one of our first to conduct a virtual presentation to our seniors of careers to consider in the industry.  A similar presentation may be offered again to our current seniors as they decide what path to follow after graduation.  However, in the future, these gentlemen want to set up tours for our students and teachers of one of their manufacturing facilities and supply sites once restrictions for such activities are lifted. 

Current Masonry/Bricklaying instructor, Arnold Shaner of ‘Redco Masonry’, is thankful for the donation. He stated, “I have worked with Lampus for many years and am hopeful that my students see the value of not only the donation but also the opportunities that a company like Lampus can provide to them.  Working for Lampus is not just a job… it’s a career.

R.I. Lampus Company is the largest manufacturer of concrete block and hardscape products in Western Pennsylvania. The company has seven manufacturing facilities and a fleet of over 40 heavy-duty delivery vehicles serving the region.

In addition to Concrete Masonry and Hardscape Products, Lampus is one of the largest tri-state distributors of clay brick and stone veneer products. If interested, you can view their product lines by visiting their website or by stopping by one of their showroom locations.

THANK YOU, R.I. Lampus for the materials and your partnership!

To the right is a ‘red brick’ typically used as the exterior of a home or commercial building.

Below, the 8″ red block is block that could be used as above grade masonry walls or the foundation of a structure. The gray block is 1/2″ jamb block which would be used for an elaborated window opening in a wall.

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