PittMoss Donates to Greenhouse/Landscaping

Many thanks to PittMoss, located in Ambridge, for their donation of 480 cubic feet of their product!  For those who may not know, PittMoss is a potting media or soil amendment first introduced on the television show, “Shark Tank” by its inventor, Mr. Mont Handley. 

Mr. Bryan Lehocky, Greenhouse/Landscaping Instructor, is incredibly grateful to Mr. BJ Rankin, General Manager of the Ambridge Plant for this donation to his program. In addition to the product, Mr. Rankin also donates his time to the program by being an Advisory Committee Member, helping the program to keep up with industry trends.

PittMoss has already been mixed in the potting soil for all the plants in the Greenhouse on BCCTC’s campus, which includes Lantana and Geraniums.  When it is all said and done, Mr. Lehocky will have over 13,000 plants available for purchase at his annual plant sale, scheduled for the Thursday and Friday before Mother’s Day. 

How great to know that those who purchase these plants are getting a locally grown plant or vegetable with a locally made additive in the soil?! We think that is pretty incredible and again thank PittMoss!

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