FFA Members from BCCTC Attend 2019 PA Farm Show

According to ‘PA Farm Show.gov’. the annual PA Farm Show boasts over 6,000 animals, hundreds of exhibitors and vendors, hundreds of contests and demonstrations, and one 1,000-pound butter sculpture!

A group of (14) FFA student members from Greenhouse/Landscaping and Veterinary Assistant attended the 2019 Farm Show, which included the State FFA Mid-Winter Convention, at the beginning of this week.  Their experiences included a tour of the Wolf Sanctuary of PA, a visit to Hershey Chocolate World, Whitaker Science Center and observing several displays and demonstrations at the Farmshow provided by other FFA Chapters and outside vendors.  Overall, the students and staff, which consisted of Bryan Lehocky, FFA Advisor and Greenhouse/Landscaping Instructor and Glenda Tetemanza, Chaperone and Veterinary Assistant Instructional Assistant, left the Farm Show with additional ideas to implement into our own FFA student chapter.

According to Thomas Shaw, Greenhouse/Landscaping student from Aliquippa, he said, “I liked going to the PA Farm Show because I learn a lot. It showed me that there are so many different parts of agriculture, for example, miniature horse pulling.  It also helped me figure out what I want to do in the future. I am looking forward to attending the Farm Show in the future.”

Savanna Corsi, Veterinary Assistant student from Central Valley stated, “Going the PA Farm Show was a very educational experience. I enjoyed watching a cow start to give birth and also learned a lot about different animals such as chickens, horses, donkeys, and ducks.”

Domonic Schiavoni, also a Veterinary Assistant student but from Riverside added, “The Farm Show was a great experience for me and I learned things like how at the bee keeper area, the bees will crowd the queen and it will look like a ball of bees.  Or, when they put a horse under anesthesia, they will put them in a pool to wake them up so they won’t hurt anyone and make their injury worse.” 

Sounds like a fantastic experience these students had and something that they can use in their future professions!

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