Commissioners Visit BCCTC

Starting from the left: Dennis Bloom (CV), Dr. Eric Rosendale (BVIU), Ron Miller (BF), Commissioner Jack Manning, Commissioner Tony Amadio, Laura DelVecchio (BCCTC), Mary Jo Kehoe (Ambridge), and David A. Wytiaz (BCCTC)

We were honored to host two of our County Commissioners on Monday, May 2, 2022. County Commissioners Tony Amadio and Jack Manning met with our Administration, three of our Joint Operating Committee (JOC) members and BVIU’s Executive Director to discuss BCCTC’s expanding population and how that could positively affect our surrounding communities and local economy.

David A. Wytiaz, Administrative Director, credits his instructional staff for the significant increase in the population of the CTC. “Our teachers are here for the right reasons – to teach these students relevant industry skills – and we see their successes after they graduate when they return to share their good fortune. The generous articulated credits from our educational partner, CCBC, will also make a difference for those students who choose to further their education right here in Beaver County in the completion of an associate degree.”

 “BCCTC is an economic engine for our economy,” said Commissioner Manning, who has a background in manufacturing and is the former President of the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce. 

Laura DelVecchio, Assistant Administrative Director stated, “I appreciate you (the Commissioners) looking to our school as an investment, and we are committed to the believe of building a strong workforce because workforce development leads to economic development, and this county is in need of economic development.” 

BCCTC has been teaching technical education for over forty years and the momentum isn’t slowing down any time soon.  As both parents and students recognize the value that a career and technical education can provide, BCCTC offers seventeen (17) programs that will help students build the foundation of a wage-sustaining career, a good educational base for college, the proper preparation for an apprenticeship, or an avenue to a skilled position serving our country. 

Commissioner Amadio, a retired educator with the former Center School District said, “I supported this school as an educator and will support this CTC now as a commissioner.”

BCCTC offers approximately 45 state-wide industry certifications factoring all of the programs at the site. Students enjoy participating in both their sending district extra-curricular activities and having the opportunity of participating in one or more career-related clubs or organizations. “Our staff of BCCTC and the JOC celebrates the successes of our students, and we are overjoyed of all of the opportunities we can provide to them right here,” said Ms. DelVecchio. 

The Administration and BCCTC Staff sincerely thank both Commissioners, Dr. Eric Rosendale, Chief School Administrator, Mary Jo Kehoe, JOC Chairperson from the Ambridge Area School District, Ron Miller, JOC Vice-Chair from the Big Beaver Falls School District, and Dennis Bloom, JOC Member from the Central Valley School District, for their attendance and for assisting in the vision of BCCTC’s future and mission to offer a quality career and technical education to those students we serve!

The Commissioners, Dr. Rosendale, and David A. Wytiaz, spoke to Carl Cosentino, Welding Instructor, during a tour of the facility.

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