Adult Learner Finds Success through Logistics & Materials Management

Typically, BCCTC boasts about the high school students who are learning their new skill set.  This time, we are going to boast about one of our adult learners, Gary Swift. 

Unfortunately for Gary, he became a displaced worker in his former industry last year.  Having an interest in ‘supply chain’ and learning what our program, Logistics & Materials Management had to offer, he approached his CareerLink in Butler County and enrolled as an all-day student.

Just starting the program in September of 2018 and as of Monday, January 7th, Gary has found himself working at XPO Logistics on Neville Island in which he is ‘Cross Docking’.  In other words, after truck shipments arrive at XPO, he will assist with the distribution of various goods for local disbursement.  One such company this inventory will go to is Home Goods, Inc. in Robinson Township.

Mr. Swift credits the curriculum of Logistics & Materials Management and his instructor, Mr. Chris Graham for his new job in a new industry.  Gary said, “I highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to learn about supply chain management, how to operate a forklift, and how to understand the workings of the movement of materials.”

Gary, on behalf of BCCTC and Mr. Graham, GOOD LUCK with your new job!

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